237 Series, 666 Episodes Published

With the new server we are able to hold more videos and the hard drive isn't completely full any more. We have a batch of series to publish, with 5-15 new series posted each week. We are working on two other projects: an anime site using the same technology (hopefully launched within a week), and a tactical pvp browser game that will be published on Facebook (hopefully March 1st). For January we're also going to start an intentional community. We have some site updates planned here too.

205 Series 550 Episodes!

We crossed another nice even mark with the 550 uncensored hentai episodes for you to watch! We'll be adding more hentai downloads this week, more streaming video series and the ability to register on our site. If you complete a one time offer, survey or similar "unlocking" method then we will allow you to log in on 3 devices without any ads. We've made a list of 535 uncensored series. We're a little over 1/3 of the way to having them all. Some of these have never been translated into English, read more for our plans.

Updates to site

We had a bad experience with Plugrush ads trying to scam you, our beloved audience, so we dropped them as an advertising network. We didn't like the replacement ad network either, so we went out found some partnerships. We are now mostly advertising our partners which pay us based on free or $1 trials and not per click. Sorry about the increase in popups, the replacement popup is more aggressive and I'm still trying to tune settings to find the right balance between getting the server paid for, and not driving people away.

486 episodes and 179 series

We've been busy with other features on the site and trying to get enough traffic to the site in order to pay for hosting costs, so adding series and episodes has been a little slower this last week. The site appearance and layout changed slightly in order to be more compatible with iPhone and Android that have a lower screen resolution. We should support everything after an iPhone 4 and an iPad 4. The screen will move around and shift based on the orientation of your device.

400+ Episodes 150+ Series All Uncensored + iPhone

Our iPhone streaming content is fully working, and mobile redirects are turned off. We have HTML5 video and Flash video player options. Another 300 videos left to post will bring us over 700 uncensored episodes when we finish this batch. In order to support most devices we had to resize the screen area to be 720x480. New series are automatically sent to @UHentai on Twitter. Easy Like/Follow buttons will be added for most social networks soon. We are also working on being able to *remove* censorship from a series.

300 episodes! 106 series!

The title says it all, we're growing. 300 episodes and hopefully that will be 400 by the weekend. After we finish this set, we'll start posting some of the uncensored hentai released in 2012 and 2013. Some of the requests we've had have been for older hentai, which I don't mind hosting. If you have a request, please let us know in the chat and we'll probably fulfill the request in 24 hours. We're looking for editors to add genre onto videos and verify that the videos are uncensored. Please vote on the episodes so we can have a rating system.

More episodes!

We're up to 235 episodes! We still have another 400 to post before we move onto the next set of files.

We need people willing to watch some hentai and edit the genre tags. If you're willing, please contact us via the chatango chat bar. Good to see some friendly faces coming back to our chat.

Welcome - Launch

UncensoredHentai.net is proud to offer only uncensored hentai for free. All the free hentai you can watch! We have a personal goal of adding 25 new episodes each day, to make sure you get the free hentai you are looking for. We will support watching uncensored hentai on your mobile phone. Coming soon after the mobile flagging will be facebook, digg and other promotions but right now, we want to make sure you have plenty of uncensored hentai to watch. If you notice that an episode needs more genre flags or some of them are wrong, please let us know in chat and we'll fix it right away.

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